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Monitoring the person wirelessly in the bathroom in bedroom or any were else without breaking their privacy is not possible until now and we often need cameras to monitor the person activity but you violate personal privacy and cant attach camera in bedrooms, bathroom or in shower room but in many cases, we need to monitor their activity as well as health wirelessly like we need to monitor the old people , kids in bathroom or in bedroom all time because of their health or we need to monitor te prisoners even in bathroom so they do not try to break out and many such cases where we need continuous monitoring of person in bathrooms, bedrooms as well. Even in smart speakers you cant break the privacy of the person to detect the person’s activity and do AI stuffs automatically without a camera So today we will design a device that give you this option and helps you to monitor the person health data like respiration and person activity like sleeping , walking , reading , moving , persent or not , running away and other activity without camera so you can monitor them without breaking the privacy.

So lets start project with collection of following components 

Fig 1 . mm-wave radar device prototype

Bill Of  Materials


First we need to add the ESP board to Arduino IDE so install the Arduino IDE you can folow official instruction esp website for that  and then you need to install and add the library for radar interfacing so download and add the library suing followinhg link then install the ESP das library to host page having dashboard to show realtine data of person activity and vitals wirlesssly on WiFi. Here we need to modify the library and we need to do some setting to access the RX2 and TX2 pin on exp boars that is serial1 in ESP board so that we wil able to get the radar readings for using serial port. 

SO first we need to open the libearry folder and then open the library main ccp file and under that do the setting and ad the code line as shown in fig 3.After modifying the library code save it

Fig 2. Library file for modification
Fig 3. Modifying the .cccp file of the library to access the hardware serial port 1 on ESP CHIP

Now we are ready to code first we need to add the library in the code then we need to add the cards to show the data then in the loop function we check the radar data and implement the algorithm that finds the change in data and sense the human movement and action and gives us the output. After that we will display and update the cards for each data here in the UI of ESP das webserver that we made we have one card for action which show action like moving sleeping, reading, going away entering, dancing falling, etc. then we have another card that tells us about sleep data and respiration rate tells us we sit on the bed leaving the bed or sleeping on the bed, etc then we have another card that shows the data of respiration rate. the vitals detected like pulse and respiration will display hee here the version of radar we use is 24HZ so it tells only the respiration rate if you have used 6HZ  radar it also tells your heartbeat and pulse signals with respiration rate.


Now connect the components according to the following connection diagram the serial1 of esp ie RX2, TX2 is connected with TX , RX serial pin on radar and the Serial0 iex RX0and TX0 is connected te each other in board 

Fig 4 connection
Fig 5. mm-wave radar (Image credit:


Fig 7.

Now power the device to USB and then of laptop and then wait till the device connected to WiFi network that you set in code after this it will give you the IP address of the device note this ip address. Now you can set up the device anywhere you want to track the person’s sleep , activity, respiration rate you can set it in the bathroom , bedrooms and anywhere where you want to track the activity without breaking privacy. After setup power the device with 5V and then search the ip address in phone connected to same wifi network and now you can monitor the person activity it gives you a dashboard showing the activity and person breadth rate one by one ever seconds on dashboard.

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