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Reference design for a compact temperature sensor in a USB form factor. The design is suitable for wearable devices due to its small size and 0.13°C temperature accuracy near human body temperatures.

Temperature sensor in a USB drive form-factor (source:TI)

If you are an athlete, then keeping a check on core body temperature is essential for understanding your performance. So, a temperature sensor which is small, power efficient and non-invasive is essential. This reference design from Texas Instrument is for a temperature sensor which can detect temperature with high efficiency. The design is suitable for use in smart wearables devices to monitor the body temperatures of both athletes and ill patients.

The LMT70 temperature sensor from TI is ideal for wearable devices due to its 0.13°C temperature accuracy at human body temperatures. The design has a small form WCSP package that allows it to be heated up quickly and have a fast thermal response time when placed on a human body. The reference design offers breakout tabs to attach different substrates and has a USB form factor.

The reference design can be used in applications such as thermometers, wearable fitness & activity monitoring devices, etc.

Features of the reference design
• USB form-factor PCB board with breakout tabs to attach different substrates
• Design guide includes thermal response of different substrates and MSP430F5528 ADC calibration techniques
• Tested and includes firmware, GUI, user guides and test report

This reference design has been tested by ST. It comes with comprehensive software, firmware libraries, tools, battery, etc. You can find additional data about the reference design on the company’s website. To read more about this reference design click here.


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