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Smart Soldering System That Boost Throughput While Lowering The Cost Of Ownership Leave a comment


  • The SELECT Synchro system boosts throughput by 20-40% for most applications in a 60% smaller footprint. 
  • The SELECT Synchro offers better yield and saves space for many through-hole and SMT.

Nordson Electronics Solutions has released the new SELECT Synchro selective soldering. The smart soldering system is suitable for high-volume printed circuit board (PCB) assembly applications. The new soldering system offers better cost-of-ownership and provide flexibility for electronics manufacturers, it also improves throughput by 20-40 % by employing a unique synchronous motion. The SELECT Synchro offers better yield and save space for many through-hole and SMT.

In the Select Synchro system, steps including fluxing, pre-heating and soldering process steps take place on the board moving at a constant speed. Nozzles of different sizes and various solder pots are available to provide flexibility with solder quantities, solder alloys, and board designs. All the fluxing and soldering steps take place while the board is in motion, the flux and solder applicators are programmed to follow and treat boards as they travel through the equipment to deliver synchronous-motion selective soldering. This step improves throughput, improve cost-of-ownership, while still accommodating long boards as large as 680 x 2500 mm.

“People are amazed by the technology of synchronous soldering. By moving the target board as well as the flux and soldering applicators, the operations are sped up, and the system is reduced in size,” explained Florian Strohmayer, product line manager, Nordson Electronics Solutions. “In terms of throughput, the SELECT Synchro concept can replace wave soldering equipment while increasing the soldering quality and reducing the cost of ownership.”

Key benefits of SELECT Synchro:
Increased Throughput – Eliminates board conveyance time by as much as 25% while delivering outstanding solder joint reliability, boosting throughput by 20-40% for most applications.
Improved Cost-of-Ownership – The space-efficient system is as much as 4X shorter than typical selective soldering equipment, resulting in a 60% reduction in footprint.
Smart – Automatically balances the process to broaden flux and soldering flexibility, increasing throughput while providing traceability.
Flexible – Configured with five solder pots to match manufacturing needs for different alloys, and different or singular nozzles. Handles long boards up to 460mm wide and 2500mm long in the standard model and boards up to 680 x 2500mm in the Synchro XL model.
Enhanced Quality – Improved process controls are available for closed-loop wave height check and automatic adjustment, fluxing process controls, process camera for viewing nozzles, and board warpage control.


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